More Random Soyer Things I’ve Learned

Aldi has eight-packs of chicken/pork Parkview hot dogs for only 75 cents!  Hot dogs cut into small bits so easily, and hold their shape so nicely…who ever thought I’d be so thankful for hot dogs?

The butcher at the Webster Wegman’s will cut stew beef into tiny, tiny pieces for you, so you can put them in a slow oven to dehydrate them.  How nice of him, eh, Anja, my friend?  Crispy beef, coming right up.

I don’t think Sadie will get to be friends with Soyer, because, although she wasn’t intimidated by him at all, and would have been OK to go about her business with him there, when he got too inquisitive, she simply pecked him in the nose.  This happened a few times.  He dealt with that just fine–it was Burberry who did not!  She flew to Soyer’s defense, and told off Sadie, and then proceeded to escort her to the door to go inside!  I took Soyer out of the yard, because I didn’t want to open that door while he was still there.  Then I let Sadie and Burb in and gave them treats.  I don’t want Burb and Soyer to try to teach Sadie her business.  We’ll do that later, when Soyer is in his forever home.  So I won’t try that again, unless the dynamic changes in a significant way.

But what we are about to try is very fun.  I’m going to drive Soyer over to his potential new house and feed him hot dogs and/or beef.  He takes only one trip to learn the feel of a car ride and to get excited as we approach our destination, so I’ll teach him good things about the route.  I’m going to break this down as much as I possibly can, and do a very thorough positive reinforcement job.  I’ll let you know how it goes…

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