Little Victories Keep Us Going

Here's an unusually good hound (not one of the two in the 'contest').

Yesterday I changed my Facebook status to reflect my pride in my nephew’s 97+ grade for his summer college course, and a surprising number of people ‘liked’ it, which made me very happy.  Some of them may have clicked on ‘like’ because I wrote that I’d had to post it on my wall instead of his, because he periodically removes me from his friends list.  😉  Maybe some of my ‘likers’ get this treatment, too…

In any case, one of the people who said they liked my status is a woman named Mary Beth.  Her name didn’t ring a bell, although we’d ‘friended’ one another at some point, so I clicked on it to learn more about her.  Turns out she’s a dog warden in Ohio.  I scrolled down to read her page, and there I found that she had posted about a ‘contest’ I’d written up, to try to get two hounds adopted. 

One hound had everyone rooting for her, and she was apparently as sweet as pie, too.  The other hound had nothing going for him except that he was not dog aggressive, and the person writing his description had put in every solitary behavior issue he had without trying to minimize the ‘damage’ in any way.  So, I thought of the name Good Hound/Bad Hound and explained what we were doing, another rescuer made a chip-in (wrote up links so that people could donate to the two hounds), and away we went.  It was a publicity stunt, but we had high hopes. 

Below you can read the excellent result, which exceeded our expectations.  In addition to that great news, my favorite thing is what Mary Beth wrote.  When I hear of a dog warden who realizes the importance of writing good dog descriptions, and who cares enough to post it on her Facebook page, it gives me a lot of hope.

Go, Mary Beth and helpers!  May your efforts be crowned with the best possible success, and may you adopt into good homes all your hounds, good and ‘bad’!

Writing up shelter dogs to promote their adoptions…so very very important for our dogs!
Have you ever wondered what’s the most effective way to write up a dog so he or she gets adopted?  Well, I’ve wondered, and I realized tonight that I’ve been handed the perfect way to find out. Two dogs, very similar in appearance, were brought to my atte…ntion recently in the hopes that I would network them.  Someone must have noticed that I have a ‘thing’ for hounds.  One of the dogs, ‘Red’, is a Redbone Coonhound.  The other dog, called, ‘No One Bothered To Name Me Because They Must Have No Real Hope I’ll Get Out Of Here Alive’, or, ‘No-Name’ for short, is a Redbone Coonhound mix.  Here are links to the two dogs–you’ll need to copy and paste them:    Good Hound​php?fbid=100307883399726&set=a​.100305753399939.192.100002615​430484&type=1&theater#!/photo.​php?fbid=201726123209479&set=a​.201726073209484.51198.1926868​47446740&type=1&theater Bad Hound​php?fbid=100307883399726&set=a​.100305753399939.192.100002615​430484&type=1&theater So, read these descriptions and see what you think.  Which description do you think will be more likely to result in adoption?  Rescue?  Euthanasia?  Enrollment of the writer in “Dog Description Writing For Shelter Workers 101”? It’s an interesting question, since poor No-Name might get the pity vote.  We could probably debate this for a long time, and not get very far.  But this time it may be possible to get a definitive answer.  Jennifer Harrington, chip-in specialist who’s raised thousands of dollars for dogs on Facebook, has created side by side chip-ins for Good Hound/Bad Hound, and we’ll see which chip-in ends up bigger, saving both dogs in the process, we fervently hope. Pick a dog and pledge.  Or…you know what I’m gonna say…pledge for both.  🙂  And kindly share this everywhere. See more

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      Lisa Fosnaughcouldn’t get them to work even by copying and pasting

      Tuesday at 22:58 ·LikeUnlike
      Nancy Linklatercan’t get through to read them MB

      Yesterday at 08:53 ·LikeUnlike
    • Ingrid Bock‎:) You know why? They’ve both gone to an excellent foster mom–first she took Good Hound, and then she decided she wanted Bad Hound, too–so the chip in funds went to her, and the links are down now. We knew she was awesome when she had Good Hound donate some of her funds to Bad Hound (that was before she decided to do more and be Bad Hound’s foster mom).

      Yesterday at 18:16 ·LikeUnlike · 1 personLoading…
      Mary Beth Andrascik HallThat’s a GREAT story!

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    • Ingrid BockI put it in my blog, I hope you don’t mind. I will try to put the link on your wall, and if I can’t, it’ll be on my wall.

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      Nancy LinklaterI’d still like to read the initial write ups.

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Here are the original write-ups, Nancy. 
Good Hound:   Red is a sweet and loving redbone coonhound and has been given up because she kept getting out of the yard. She is young and probably just wanted company and was not wanting to be left in yard by herself. She is already SPAYED and ready for a home that will make her part of the family. Gets along with other dogs and kids. In Chipley FL shelter at 850-638-2082, hours 9am-1pm EST. Rescues with 501c can free pull and transport help in some parts of FL
Bad Hound:   K9-3 red bone hound mix; male; barks constantly!; no manners; jumps up; food aggressive; NOT dog aggressive; marks everything; working on leash manners;
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2 Responses to Little Victories Keep Us Going

  1. Jennifer Harrington says:

    Hi I wanted to add that “bad hound” has not quite yet made it… he is still in need of funds. Please click the link and donate if you are able (you may have to copy and paste the link) … thank you…. he will be well on his way if we can finish raising the funds… it is all true except we have not raised enough money to get it all accomplished… Here is the donation site for bad hound…

    • cellopets says:

      Thank you for putting the link here, Jennifer. I will go and post the blog link again, in case this is the only place where his chip-in still exists.. I can add to his chip-in, too, of course, but let’s see if we can get it filled elsewhere, leaving me with more for vet bills. 🙂

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