Feeding Fossils To My Friends

Got a few more things about dogs and food. 

First, I heard from Rescue Chocolate today, the place that donates 100% of their profits to pet rescues, and they’d love us to vote for them–they’ve been nominated for Best Vegan Chocolate.  I went to the voting site and found it very interesting–usually I’m impatient at the time you have to spend.  There were other categories besides chocolate–lots of ’em–and I enjoyed learning which products are vegan and cruelty free.  I was very happy to see Mrs. Meyers Clean Day products under the house/laundry cleaning heading, as those are what I use, and I really enjoy them.  Here’s the link if you’d like to vote:


The next thing is that I went out to buy more Harmony Farms kibble today, and all the Wegman’s stores near me were out of the big bags of the regular flavor.  At the last one I visited, I asked someone in customer service to call around for me, and, at the last store she tried, she found three bags.  I asked to have them held for me, and I drove right there to get them.  Who thought dog food would be such a hot commodity?  But lately I’ve been noticing that there is usually only one big bag left when I go to buy, and I guess it must be getting more popular.  There are always plenty of small bags, but you pay more.  And the big bag (17 or 17.5 pounds) lasts me only between 4 and 6 meals, so the small bags would be a pain.  I will have to buy the big bags whenever I’m at Wegman’s, whether or not I actually need it.  I suggested that they order more, and maybe check to see if there’s a bigger bag available (I’d love that savings).

I’ve started totting up the cost of my dog meals, more or less, so I can write it here.  I don’t like that kind of reckoning, so it’s been helpful for me to have a reason for doing it.  I buy meat on sale for them, whenever I can, and plan my shopping trips so that I hit Tops after 2:00 PM, which is more or less when they put the discount stickers on the meat whose ‘use by’ date is approaching quickly.  Yesterday I struck it rich, with several packages of beef for under $2.50 a pound, and some pork at close to the same price.  Last week I’d found big bags of spinach which were a manager’s special at Wegman’s (don’t know why), priced at 99 cents per bag.  I bought them all, because spinach may be the nutrient-rich food my dogs love the most.  One pound of spinach is enough for two generously-spinached meals, and about $3.00 worth of the beef also made two meals.  I don’t know how to add up the cost of the rice or oatmeal, since I just eyeball it. 

Tonight they had pork with summer squash and apples, liberally sprinkled with cinnamon and lightly sprinkled with turmeric.  Dogs love cinnamon, and it’s so good for keeping blood sugar stabilized (and for a host of other things, too).  I’ve been adding the turmeric for its anti-tumor and growth abilities–I think I told you that I’m also making a paste out of it, to apply to actual growths.  Speaking of that, now that I’ve learned about the anti-tumor properties of thuja from Dr. Karen Becker’s site (she’s a holistic veterinarian), I need to investigate what form to give that in.  Here’s a link to her site: 


Today’s last thing about food started out as a thing about fleas.  This year is the first one in which I’m trying to go without putting chemicals on my pets for fleas and ticks, and it’s a very big step for me.  In the past I was grateful for the chemicals, honestly.  If I were to have even a few fleas here, it could get really nasty, pretty fast.  And now that the intense heat has finally broken, and we’ve had rain, I expect both the flea and tick populations to take off.  So I don’t want to push my luck, although I’ve been so lucky so far that I wonder if the flea issue is generally overblown in the media (umm…that wouldn’t be surprising, would it?)

So today I went to our biggest natural food store, in search of neem oil.  The knowledgeable salesperson there helped me investigate a lot of different products built around neem, some intended for humans and some for pets.  When she told me that tea tree oil has a similar effect, though, I decided not to purchase neem, since I have a great tea tree based spray already.  It’s marketed for hot spots, but I bought it for its skin-soothing, anti-fungal properties, not knowing that it’s good at repelling bugs.  Since I had the tea tree covered, I bought, instead, a different repellent spray, with cinnamon as one of the main ingredients.  I’ll let you know how it works.

The salesperson also showed me the food-grade diatomaceous earth (a fine powder, made of ground up fossils of single-celled creatures), which can be rubbed onto your cat or dog’s fur to repel insects, and also added to food, to banish intestinal parasites.  So the dogs had it in their dinner tonight, and I’ll be thrilled if it works.  I’m not sure I’ll ever know if it works, though, whereas with the flea and tick stuff it should be possible to tell (unless, for some odd reason, we just aren’t getting the bugs this summer, because of our strange weather).

Well, because of having to hunt down the Harmony Farms, I spent much more time than usual today at grocery stores, and it was the kind of errand-doing that makes me tired.  Also, I feel a bit wrung out emotionally, from having written such an intense, feisty (bitchy?) blog entry yesterday.  It made me scared.  I did not put a link to it on my Facebook page, as I usually do, because it was much more in-your-face than I usually like to be, and I know I’ll lose some friends through it. 

But just now I saw this quote in a rescuer’s status, and I’ve decided to go ahead and link to this blog entry and to the other one, and let the chips fall where they may.

“Do what you feel in your heart to be right – for you’ll be criticized anyway.”
Eleanor Roosevelt

And, I found when I googled the above quote, she also said, “Do one thing every day which scares you.”  There you go.  Done.

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