A Daisy In The Sun

Loves me; loves me not--I think we got lucky this time.

Daisy investigates, 1/22/12
Upstate Daisy, 1/22/12

I’m in between a rehearsal and a concert at the note factory, so I can’t write much.  We’ve been playing in the sunny, snowy yard.  I just uploaded over 200 pictures–I think some are duplicates, though–but I’ll just post a couple, so you can see how she’s doing.  She is so alert, so intelligent…dogs are just miraculous, aren’t they? 

Daisy on Sunday, January 22, 2012

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2 Responses to A Daisy In The Sun

  1. She’s fine with the other dogs!?! Just like that?

    • cellopets says:

      She’s not even dog reactive, Kate. She’s got a personality I’m pretty sure you’d be familiar with, because I’ve seen it in another BC female we were friends with–Francie, Burberry’s former best friend, the one in lots of my Burb pics. Daisy reminds me a lot of Francie. They wouldn’t appreciate it if a new dog came up to them and took liberties, and they would say so right away, but with perfectly acceptable dog manners. I think of it as, ‘doesn’t take sh*t but doesn’t dish it out, either’. Because my tolerance for other owners’ lack of knowledge has evaporated as I’ve gotten more skilled (in other words, dog parks, for one thing, are super frustrating), I don’t know what most people do when they see one dog ‘tell off’ another. At my house, we don’t expect that dogs WILL enjoy another dog’s display of bad manners, and the dog who’s showing the good manners–from a DOG’S point of view–gets rewarded. Problems don’t last long. My biggest challenge lately is Sosimo of Mexico, whose manners have always been puzzling to other dogs. I’m working on that last little hurdle for Daisy–what to do when Simo tries to be a bit of a bully. Right now she barks–that’s ALL she does–but she’s agitated, so I’m helping her see, as Soyer does now, that Simo doesn’t mean much–he was just ‘brought up in a barn’.

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